Blindman Brewing and Dandy Brewing announce strategic business partnership

Two notable Alberta craft breweries enter into a strategic partnership

After nearly a decade in the beer business, first-generation Alberta craft breweries Dandy Brewing and Blindman Brewing (Lacombe) have just announced they have joined forces in hopes of both continued business stability as well as growth.

As more and more Canadian craft breweries are being acquired by larger liquor portolfios (Wild Rose Brewery by Sleeman/Sapporo and Banded Peak by Labatt are two examples in Calgary alone), it only makes sense for independently-owned businesses to band together to compete in what is now a wildly saturated market.

Blindman Brewing has now acquired a minority share of Dandy Brewing with a collaborative goal of bolstering wholesale and distribution of Dandy Brewing's core beer lineup. The Dandy brewery—in Calgary's Ramsay neighbourhood—will focus on small-batch and one-off beer creation in addition to expanding the market presence of its craft pop brand (DandyPop) and pizza concept (DandyPizza).

“As we look at how to grow and get more great beer to great people, joining forces with a brewery we have respected and been buddies with since day one feels fantastic. We’re super confident, and super excited to kick this off,” said Ben Leon, co-founder and CEO of Dandy Brewing in today's announcement.

In conjunction with their new strategic business partnership, Blindman and Dandy have also launched a new collaboration beer, the Together IPA.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with our friends Dandy and continue to move the needle on craft beer in Alberta and beyond. This is one of the purest forms of collaboration yet in both of our businesses' lifetimes,” said Hans Doef, co-founder of Blindman Brewing.