ICYMI: BCGEU strike causes collateral damage, Alberta tops food insecurity report, and more

Here are five food stories you might have missed this week

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The BC General Employees’ Union strike is now in its second week, and while the strike itself has helped to highlight long-existing labour issues, several unintended targets have wound up shouldering the weight. 

As bad as it’s been for BC hospitality, things are far worse for migrant farm workers in Canada. Thankfully, some action has finally been taken to amend the exploitation of foreign workers, but based on reports coming out of Ontario, we may have a long way to go.

In other news, the great debate about best before dates wages on, a food insecurity report yields disturbing results, and a newly-surfaced clip from The Office stakes its claim as Canada’s new theme song.

Collateral damage from BCGEU strike


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An open letter signed by 19 groups representing B.C.’s hospitality, tourism, liquor, and cannabis retail businesses was recently penned to Premier John Horgan and the BC General Employees’ Union (BCGEU). 

The letter states that the aforementioned industries, who are already struggling in the wake of the pandemic, have become collateral damage in the ongoing strike. The BCGEU recently accepted the Public Service Agency’s invitation to return to the bargaining table, so we can only hope they find a resolution sooner rather than later.

Visit Global News for more. 

Migrant farm workers subjected to abysmal conditions

Following the tragic death of a migrant worker at an Ontario farm, the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is now calling on the federal government to move on a program that would provide equal rights and protection through labour laws. 

The workers are also seeking access to improved housing, a better abuse reporting system, farm transfer requests, and removal of deductions from paycheques which, quite frankly, is rather telling of how common the exploitation of migrant workers has become. 

Find the full story at the National Observer.

Food insecurity report says Alberta tops Canadian provinces in food insecurity

A research program at the University of Toronto recently released the results of its 2021 Household Food Insecurity in Canada report. According to the report, Alberta has the highest prevalence of food insecurity among all 10 Canadian provinces at a staggering 20.3 per cent. 

The report found that Quebec has the lowest food insecurity of any province at 13.1 per cent, while the Canadian average is at roughly 15.9 per cent.  

Head to Global News for more information.

The great debate about best before dates

Despite a well-documented link between “best before” labelling and avoidable food waste, a new report from the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University and the Angus Reid Institute found that the majority of Canadians strongly oppose eliminating the labelling on food packaging. 

Visit CBC News for a full breakdown.

The Office releases cut scene featuring song about Canada

A newly-discovered deleted scene from the U.S. version of The Office has taken Canada by storm. In the now-viral clip, Rainn Wilson—known best by fans as Dwight K. Schrute—sings a delightfully catchy ode to Canada that is filled with fun tidbits about the country, and you know we love Canadian food facts!