Interesting facts about Canadian food and drink culture

Learn something new every day with this month-long series of unique Canadian food and drink facts

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With Canada Day just 30 days away, we are excited to bring back our "Canadian DYK" series for June 2020. Each day, we'll be sharing a little-known fact about Canadian food and drink culture that you can add to your knowledge pool. From historical tidbits to regional specialities and Canadian inventions, we bet you'll be learning something new every day.

Like we always say, this wonderful country is so much more than maple syrup and here are a few reasons why.

Canadian DYK: White Claw was created by a Canadian company

The trend-setting seltzer has surprising Canadian roots

Canadian food DYK: Poutine was not an officially recognized word until 2014

"Poutine" wasn't considered a real word until recently

Canadian DYK: Dawson City's signature drink includes whisky and a toe

This classic Yukon drink doubles as a fun dare

Canadian DYK: The Inuit have their own cutting tool, the ulu

This unique culinary tool is used exclusively in Northern Canada

Canadian DYK: Canadian Living is North America's second longest running food publication

How Canada's most well-known food and drink publication got its start in the 1970s

Canadian DYK: The B-52 shot was invented at the Banff Springs hotel

This famous layered shot was created in the Rocky Mountains

Canadian DYK: How KD got its name

How the iconic fluorescent orange pasta got its nickname

Canadian DYK: The London Fog tea latte was invented in Vancouver

This famous tea latte got its start on the West Coast

Canadian DYK: Seaweed is a pantry staple in Atlantic Canada

East Coast Canadians love using dulse in their day-to-day cooking

Canadian DYK: The story behind Canadian bacon

"Back bacon" to us, "Canadian bacon" to the rest of the world

Canadian DYK: How Montreal-style bagels came to be

How the world's best bagels came to be

Canadian DYK: The McIntosh apple was discovered and domesticated in Canada

The McIntosh apple is a distinctly Canadian fruit

Canadian DYK: Thunder Bay has its own regional dessert called the "Persian roll"

You'll only find this unique dessert in Thunder Bay, ON

Canadian DYK: The egg carton was invented in Telkwa, B.C.

The origins of the egg carton revealed

Canadian DYK: Caramilk Chocolate Bars are exclusively made in Canada

We're not sure how they get the caramel in the centre, but we know it's Canadian.

Canadian DYK: 20 edible nut species grow across Canada

We may not have peanuts, but plenty of nuts are Canadian-grown

Canadian DYK: Ployes are the pancakes of New Brunswick

New Brunswick has its own style of pancake

Canadian DYK: Molasses was first imported to Canada around 200 years ago

This Caribbean ingredient has become a staple of Canadian cooking

Canadian DYK: Ontario is home to the oldest running flour mill in Canada

This Canadian flour mill has been around for more than 200 years

Canadian DYK: Indigenous peoples used more than 500 plant species in their diets

Indigenous culture is the original "sourcing local"

Canadian DYK: The concept of the Chinese buffet restaurant started in Vancouver

Why Canada has a plethora of Chinese buffet restaurants