Canadian DYK: The story behind Canadian bacon

"Back bacon" to us, "Canadian bacon" to the rest of the world

Canadian bacon is a fundamental component of eggs benedict.

We all know what people mean when they say Canadian bacon, but why is the meaty cut called that when many Canadians call it back bacon? 

By the mid-1800s, the United Kingdom has built a steadily high demand for bacon, which led to its export from from Canada. Since then, the English have been referring to it as Canadian bacon. The cut itself is from the loin. Because of this, it is much leaner than regular, or American, bacon, which is made from the belly. Another version of the Canadian bacon is the peameal bacon, where this loin is cured and rolled in yellow peameal for preservation. 

In Philadelphia, if you go to a local joint, they will most likely just call it a cheese steak, not a Philly cheese steak. In Chicago, it's just "deep dish" and... well, you get the point.