Canadian DYK: How KD got its name

How the iconic fluorescent orange pasta got its nickname

To the uninitiated, KD may seem as though it is a struggle meal, or even a last resort. Having said that, it sure is popular. Canadians eat more than 55 per cent more KD than our American counterparts because we know the true value of that golden cheesy powder. This is why we purchase more than 1.7 million packages (out of the 7 million sold) per week collectively.

This boxed mac n' cheese was technically called "Kraft Macaroni and cheese dinner" but Canadians started calling it Kraft Dinner or KD for short, which resulted in the official name change in 2015 to KD. (A name which is also trademarked.)

Whether you're on team ketchup, or team plain, you know the importance of KD in Canadian households.