Canadian DYK: Dawson City's signature drink includes whisky and a toe

This classic Yukon drink doubles as a fun dare

photo provided by the Klondike Visitors Association.

Seen as a rite of passage for visitors of the small town of Dawson City, this unusual cocktail is toe-tally insane.

You have frostbite to thank for this shooter, as the "inventors" of this shot were caught in a snowstorm and one of them got frostbitten. In order to avoid gangrene, the frostbitten toe was chopped off with an axe and naturally, placed in a jar of alcohol.

The jar was found by Captain Dick Stevenson, who created the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. Want to get into this exclusive club? The instructions are, "Your lips must touch that gnarly toe."

New Canada Day drink, anyone?