10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your playlist - March 22, 2021 edition

Give these new Canadian tunes a listen while you cook

Now that it's officially spring, let's all keep our fingers crossed that a freak snowstorm (or two) doesn't happen as we inch closer and closer to summer. Regardless of what temperature it is outside, we've got some fresh new tunes for you to press play on while you're cooking up something delicious in your home kitchen.

From a powerful R&B collaboration headed up by Kardinal Offishall to Said The Whale's latest single, here are 10 new songs we can't stop listening to lately.

Amelie Patterson - Everything Nothing.

It's easy to become entranced by this new ballad from Calgary's Amelie Patterson. "Everything Nothing." is a wonderful piece of alt-pop work that centres around love in both localized (i.e. between two people) and global.

Art Bergmann - Entropy

The second single off of Art Bergmann's upcoming album Late Stage Empire Dementia captures your attention from the get go and takes you along for a powerful rocky-heavy ride.

Kardinal Offishall - Freedom Heights featuring Jully Black, Savannah Re, Emmanual and Susan Carol (A Song For Joshua Glover)

A collaboration between some of Canada's most well-known hip-hop and R&B acts is surely to leave an impact. Kardinal Offishall's "Freedom Heights" featuring the likes of Jully Black and Savannah Re does just that. The song is a tribute to Joshua Glover, a Black American who made his way up to Ontario via the underground railroad in the 19th century.

Karen-Lee Batten - Drinkin’ Song

We love the 90s vibes Karen-Lee Batten is giving off with her brand new single "Drinkin' Song". This fun country song sees Batten playfully singing the importance of the fact that sometimes we just need a drinkin' song to take our mind off of our worries.

Les Shirley - Easy Target

With their brand new album Forever Is Now, Montreal trio Les Shirley is giving us plenty to love when it comes to pop-punk tunes. Our favourite song of the bunch is "Easy Target", which transports us back to the early 2000s and the likes of Sum 41 and Gob.

We're into it!


This new slow jam by Toronto's Liza is a great example of just how commanding an understated vocal performance can be. "DONE IS DONE" is about a person looking for closure after the end of a relationship and we can all relate to that feeling.

Mathew V - Around Here

This striking pop ballad from Vancouver's Mathew V is giving us all the feels, especially when he dips into that lower register. "Around Here" was written about the singer's hometown and how situations earlier in life help shape who we become once grown up.

Ria Mae and Jocelyn Alice - Swoon (B-Side)

Typically, Carly Rae Jepsen is the queen of alt-pop b-sides, but Ria Mae and Jocelyn Alice are giving her a run for her money with this re-imagined version of their 2020 single "Swoon". This song is a bop through and through...and there's absolutely no shame in playing it on repeat.

Said The Whale - Honey Lungs

We're always up for a Said The Whale moment and their new song "Honey Lungs"–which is their first self-released single–does not disappoint. The indie rockers have an underlying message of empathy throughout the upbeat song that boasts a pleasantly drum-heavy production and bop-your-head-along beat.

Sam Balson - Raking Leaves On Broadway

One line into "Raking Leaves On Broadway" and you'll be intrigued by Sam Balson's unique tone. Raspy and emotive, there's a touch of sadness to be heard throughout the five minute song in between the moments of fiddle and banjo.

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