Canadian DYK: White Claw was created by a Canadian company

The trend-setting seltzer has surprising Canadian roots

photo via White Claw Canada's Facebook page.

Didn't it feel like an eternity for White Claw to come to Canada? Since its arrival in our country this spring, many liquor stores have had trouble keeping the crushable, naturally flavoured ready-to-drink beverages in stock. Our country's thirst appears unquenchable for this buzzworthy drink. Well, for now anyway.

Though Americans may have claimed it first as their go-to drink for the past couple of summers, virtually no one knows that White Claw is actually owned by Mark Anthony Brands. The Vancouver-based company–with main offices in both Vancouver and Chicago–has grown over the years to produce a variety of recognizable brands, including wineries like Mission Hill Winery, CedarCreek and Road 13 Vineyards, but Mark Anthony Brands found its real stride 20 years ago when it created Mike's Hard Lemonade.

True story!

Of course, there is plenty of satisfaction in knowing that the world's "it" seltzer is a Canadian creation, but personally, I am still a little jealous that the United States has more White Claw flavour options than we do here in Canada.