We're curious: Which Canadian-made RTD product do you like most?

Is White Claw the king of the low-cal, ready-to-drink boozy castle

Despite summer winding down, we've still got an affinity for ready-to-drink beverages. Though the trend arguably exploded across North America thanks to White Claw, there are now plenty of refreshing options on the market. We try to try a new brand every time we pop into a liquor store, as there are so many on the shelves now, but everyone's got their go-to.

So, we're curious...

Which Canadian-made RTD beverage is your favourite?
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NĂ¼trl Vodka never lets me down.
Truly is truly the best.
White Claw or bust.
Ace Hill is the best-kept secret.
I prefer RTDs made by micro-distilleries.
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