We're curious: Have you embraced the plant-based movement?

The appeal of plant-based dining

photo courtesy of Virtuous Pie's Facebook page.

The vegan diet is nothing new, but the plant-based dining trend has grown into a global tidal wave and its presence can be felt in most Canadian major cities. The opening of Calgary's first vegan fast-food joint this past weekend saw lineups down the block and Vancouver's vegan pizzeria chain Virtuous Pie continues to expand on the West Coast.

Thus, the buzz around many different plant-based concepts has us wondering...

Have you embraced the plant-based movement?
No. Bring on the steak and ribs!
A little bit, but I still prefer a meat-heavy diet.
I'd guess that my diet is about 50% plant-based. I like seeing plant-based options on menus.
I define myself as vegan, but have the odd cheat day with things like cheese or bacon.
Yes! I have followed a 100% plant-based diet for some time and would love to see more vegan restaurants open up in Canada!
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