We're curious: have your culinary skills improved during the pandemic?

Are you a better home cook than you were two months ago?

It's been nearly two months since the social distancing measures were placed upon us. With so much more time at home, it only seems natural to reacquaint yourself with the kitchen, especially if you had a hectic, jet-setting life prior to the lockdown. So, we're wondering if Canadians are feeling more confident with cooking now that its mid-May.

Let us know where you land on the spectrum in our latest poll.

Have you culinary skills improved during the pandemic?
Not really. I am a take out and meal kit kind of person!
A little bit. I balance between cooking, baking, take out and meal kits.
Yes! With more time at home, I've tried new things and watched lots of online tutorials.
I was before the pandemic and I always will be a culinary master!
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