We're curious: Does wearing a mask make dining out less appealing to you?

Does mandatory mask mandate reduce your interest in going out?

As a necessary precaution, many cities in Canada, including Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton, have implemented or will be implementing the mandate for face masks to be worn in public indoor spaces. Wearing masks regularly will take some getting used to, and will likely make many day-to-day activities feel either more cumbersome or less alluring than usual, but it's necessary to keep us all safe.

So, we're curious...

Does the need to wear a mask make dining out less appealing to you?
I still haven't dined out yet anyway. If you need me, I'll be cooking at home mask-free.
I think I will still go out with a mask, but just places with patios. I feel safer outdoors.
I am fine to have short lunches or meals while wearing a mask in and out of a restaurant, but couldn't imagine having a long dinner wearing one.
Restaurants need our support now more than ever, even if I have to wear a hazmat suit, I'll still dine out.
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