We're curious: What will it take for you to feel safe to dine out now?

Pondering restaurant reopenings and their new health and safety measures for diners

As major cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg get into a new groove for sit-down dining, we've seen all types of independent restaurants and chains operate with new and typically extensive health and safety measures in place. Take Craft Beer Market, as a leading example: the company is clearly marking sanitized tables (pictured above), offering complimentary sanitizer on each tabletop, digital menus and payment options (no debit terminal required) and more. These are just a few things that provide peace of mind to diners these days. 

So, with safety at the forefront of our minds, we're curious...

What will it take for you to feel safe while dining out?
A vaccine. I don't think I'll be dining out until then.
Very extensive measures. Servers wearing gloves and masks, appropriate table spacing and reguarly sanitized everything.
The fewer people, the better, so no bars. I want to see substantial sanitization procedures in places where I dine.
If FOH and BOH staff are wearing masks and sanitizer is readily available at the door, I feel fine.
I was never worried in the first place. I wish I could have been dining out this whole time!
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