We're curious: are you having socially-distanced small gatherings at home?

Has the desire to host outdoor gatherings finally taken over with the warmer weather?

Now that it's finally getting warmer and things are turning green (for the most part, anyway) outdoors, it only seems natural to want to have people over for some drinks and eats. With proper chair spacing and easy access to a backyard, having friends and family over may be manageable as long as safety is kept at the forefront of one's mind.

So, we're curious: how are you approaching al fresco entertaining at home, if at all?

Are you having socially distanced gatherings at home?
No. I am still staying as separate as possible from others.
Not yet, but I think I'll start soon.
Yes, but only with 1 or 2 people and outside only.
I am fine having 1-2 people inside my home and larger groups outside in the yard.
The public gathering limit is now 50 people! Let's party!