We're curious: What is your favourite summer drink?

How do you stay refreshed on a hot summer day?

It may not officially be summer just yet, but that doesn't mean we aren't acting like it's already here. Give us a temperature above 15 degrees Celsius, plenty of sun and a backyard, and we will happily sit back and relax with a drink in hand. With craft breweries and distilleries operating in most towns and cities across the country, not to mention booming wine regions like Okanagan Valley, Annapolis Valley and, of course, Niagara, a Canadian-made drink is never out of reach.

So, we're curious...

What's your favourite summer drink?
Craft beer or cider, all the way. Draught in a glass on a patio or a cold can at home.
Canned cocktails. I have hopped on the White Claw (or similar facsimile of) train for 2020.
Wine spritzer. Aperol, Campari, vermouth... whatever is easy to make at home.
A nice glass of wine or sangria is all I crave.
I don't drink, but I like "zero-proof" drinks like Seedlip or non-alcoholic beer.
I'll stick to plain ol' iced tea or soda.
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