Prairie Food Fact: Canada's oldest steakhouse is located in Winnipeg

The iconic Rae and Jerry's Steakhouse has a 76 year history in Winnipeg

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Most Canadians may guess that Alberta is home to Canada's oldest steakhouse given it's penchant for world-class beef, but that is actually not the case!

The famed Rae and Jerry's Steakhouse in Winnipeg happily holds this title thanks to an interesting history with its original co-owners that dates back to the 1930s.

Its founding owners John Rae and Jerry Hemsworth met while working at Salisbury House (another Winnipeg institution) and first went into the restaurant business together in 1936 in rural Ontario. Three years later, the two returned to Winnipeg and opened a restaurant to much success.

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1947 saw their restaurant move to a new location on Portage Avenue. With this move came a re-imagined concept, and that's when Rae and Jerry's Steakhouse was born.

Another move down Portage Avenue took place in 1950 and then again in 1957 when Rae and Jerry's settled into its current address at 1405 Portage Avenue.

In 1975, the original duo sold to a new owner/operator, Steve Hrousalas, but the steakhouse's timeline was far from over.

(And that's the historical nutshell!)

Considering it is Canada's oldest steakhouse, Rae and Jerry's still does a darn good job of setting the bar.

An aspect that sets Rae and Jerry's apart from most other steakhouses in Canada is its timeless and unique interior, which has remained primarily unchanged since opening on Portage Avenue in 1957.

Dark wood panelling throughout the restaurant, red leather banquettes and lounge chairs and charmingly dim lighting set the stage for nostalgia. Walls are accented with vintage photographs and memorabilia, which showcases the restaurant's long history and, obviously, adds to its throwback character.

One might even feel like they have stepped back in time to a bygone era of fine dining. It is eternally charming.

Whether it's nicely-cooked steaks with sides like baked potatoes and glasses of tomato juice, the throwback ambience, or the warm and attentive staff, Rae and Jerry's has earned its reputation as a go-to destination for a memorable dining experience in Winnipeg.