Canadian DYK: 20 edible nut species grow across Canada

We may not have peanuts, but plenty of nuts are Canadian-grown

When you think of crops grown in Canada, many people think of wheat or other grains, but a lesser known Canadian-grown crop is that of nuts. Most of these species can be found in the Great Lakes area, which include hazelnuts, beechnut, black walnuts, shagbark hickories, butternuts, acorns, and American chestnuts, to name a few. Through history, almost all of these nuts were a main staple in Indigenous peoples' diets.

Today, we mostly look elsewhere for nuts as Canadians mainly munch on imported options like cashews and pecans.

If you are looking to try some of Canada's local nuts, nut producers like Under The Kilt and Rancho Vignola offer plenty of varieties.