Canadian DYK: Seaweed is a pantry staple in Atlantic Canada

East Coast Canadians love using dulse in their day-to-day cooking

Aptly named "the bacon of the sea" for its salty and savoury taste, dulse is a protein-dense seaweed that can be found on the shores of Atlantic Canada. The first use of this delicious seaweed in Canada was recorded in the 1600s, when the first peoples of the East Coast offered it to European sailors who were plagued by scurvy. 

This red seaweed is now coveted by adventurous eaters and health gurus alike for its savouriness and for its multitude of health benefits. Nova Scotians are especially fond of using it to season pots of water when they're preparing a seafood boil.

Looking to try some fresh from the ocean, or try your hand at dulse harvesting? Check out Dulse Adventure the next time you find yourself in New Brunswick!