Canadian DYK: Thunder Bay has its own regional dessert called the "Persian roll"

You'll only find this unique dessert in Thunder Bay, ON

Photo of Persian roll via Wikipedia Commons.

First created in the 1940s by the owner of Bennet's Bakery, the Persian roll is not a pastry from the Middle East at all, but it is in fact deeped rooted in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Owner and head baker, Art Bennet was working on a new dough recipe in his bakery when World War I General John Joseph Pershing walked in. Bennet and Pershing got talking and hit it off, so Bennet wanted to commemorate the special meeting by naming the newly created baked good the Persian roll, a twist on the General's last name. 

So, what makes the Persian such a timeless classic to folks in the area? Its airy dough, oval shape and bright berry icing makes it a delicacy for locals and tourists in Thunder bay alike.