Canadian DYK: Ployes are the pancakes of New Brunswick

New Brunswick has its own style of pancake

Ployes are a traditional Acadian pancake that originated from the L’Acadie des Terres et Forêts region of New Brunswick as the carb component of a meal. Since its creation, it has remained a staple in Acadian cuisine. Made with only a few ingredients--buckwheat, all-purpose flour, baking powder and water--they were an efficient way to add bulk to a meal. They can be eaten with sweet toppings such as maple syrup or molasses, or can be paired with another Canadian delicacy, cretons–a pork pâté of sorts that is a staple in French-Canadian food culture. 

To those familiar with Ethiopian cuisine, these pancakes may look similar to injera. The two differ in their base ingredients, and Injeras are also fermented, but the two are similar in that they're both known for their spongy texture and holey top, perfect for soaking up all the goodness of a meal.