Canadian DYK: The electric range was invented in Ottawa in 1892

How the electric stove came to be

photo of a vintage electric range (circa 1930s) by 7422037@N06 via Flickr.

Businessman, engineer and entrepreneur, Thomas Ahearn of Ottawa was a busy man back in the late 1800s. He had many jobs, including telegraph operator and telephone company manager, but he always had the passion to invent. He formed Ahearn and Soper, an eletrical contracting company, with business partner Warren Soper in 1882, and he went on to become the founder and president of the Ottawa Electric Railway Company. Among many achievements, like the introduction of electricity for streetlights and streetcars, he invented the electric cooking range in 1892. His invention would change the realm of home cooking forever. 

He installed the first ever electric cooking range in the Windsor Hotel, and needless to say, the invention became a huge success.