Canadian DYK: The B-52 shot was invented at the Banff Springs hotel

This famous layered shot was created in the Rocky Mountains

Characterized by its three distinct layers Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier, the B-52 was invented in 1970 by the head bartender of the Banff Springs Hotel, Peter Fich. Fich was known to create new cocktails and shots regularly, and would always name them after his favourite bands.

Of all his creations, the B-52 became a smash hit. Eventually, the popularity of the shot spread outside of Banff. In 1977, it made its way to Calgary because one of Fich's customers liking it so much that he started putting it on the menu at his own restaurants, which included one of first locations of The Keg. From there, it was world domination.

Make one for yourself by layering one-third ounce of Kahula, one-third ounce of Baileys and one-third ounce of Grand Marnier in a shot glass. Don't blame us for your hangover though!