10 Canadian IPAs you need to know

Put down the Coors Light and drink these Canadian craft brews instead

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Oh, IPA. It’s a style of beer that you either love or hate, and really, if you hate it, you probably just haven’t tasted the right one.

It’s a beautiful brew (and an often underappreciated one at that) that’s characterized by its intense, hoppy flavour, medium body, and its gorgeous golden hue. It pairs especially well with spicy food. So, if you’re a lover of Indian, Thai, or any other cuisine that unleashes a flaming rage on your mouth, now’s the time to give IPA a shot.

Here are 10 Canadian IPAs that you should be drinking:

Hop Circle IPA

Phillips Brewery, Victoria, British Columbia (6.0% ABV)

A pretty dry beer with mild sweetness and a strong, hoppy flavour that slaps you straight in the face.

Hopdemonium IPA

Powell Street Craft Brewery, Vancouver, BC (8.0% ABV)

This bold, dry brew from the West Coast is a hoppy, bitter IPA with a nice citrus flavour. AKA: what you should be drinking after a day in the surf.

Jasper Rock Hopper IPA

Jasper Brewing Company, Jasper, Alberta (6.4% ABV)

This intense IPA is packed with bold hops, citrus and floral aromas, and an awesome dry, lingering finish. In fact, it’s so intense that even the resident grizzlies love it.

Wild Rose IPA

Wild Rose Brewery, Calgary, Alberta (6.0% ABV)

This Calgary favourite is a copper-hued, flavourful, well-balanced beer with just the right amount of hops, if you’re a hop lover. If you’re not, get out of town and try the next brew.

606 India Pale Ale

Paddock Wood Brewing Co., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (5.4% ABV).

Oh, so you’re not a huge fan of hops? Fine. This IPA might be the right one for you. It’s quite malty, has a mild citrus and pine flavour, and isn’t overly bitter. No bitter beer face for you!

Little Scrapper IPA

Half Pints Brewing Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba (6.0% ABV)

With a name like that, it’s no surprise that this beer is delightfully citrusy and hoppy, with moderate bitterness and a medium body. This little scrapper puts up a hell of a fight.

Smashbomb Atomic IPA

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, Barrie, Ontario (6.0% ABV)

This one is certainly a little hoppier than some, but it also has a ton of citrus, fruity flavour, making it the perfect hot weather brew (or cold weather brew. We’re not picky).

Mad Tom IPA

Muskoka Brewery, Muskoka, Ontario (6.4% ABV)

We wouldn’t exactly call it mad, but a good-natured beer that is both bitter and malty with a nice citrus finish. Let’s just call it Stable Tom IPA, shall we?

Imperial IPA

Garrison Brewing, Halifax, Nova Scotia (7.0% ABV)

The East Coast’s Imperial IPA is a well-balanced beer with a pleasant hoppy, citrusy-infused flavour that lingers. If there’s one thing a bluenoser knows, it’s damn good beer.

St-Ambroise India Pale Ale

McAuslan Brewing, Montreal, Quebec (6.2% ABV)

Another great choice for IPA newcomers, the St-Ambroise India Pale Ale is balanced, delicately sweet, and packed with flavour. It’s easy to drink, making it ideal for sunny summer patio pints (or rainy day drinks, or snowy Saturday beverages).