Eat This Now Vancouver: Archer's Flaming Cheesecake

A stunning presentation for a delicious cheesecake

Photo provided by Archer, taken by Ian Lanterman.

Already dubbed a signature dish before I arrived for dinner at a one-week-old Archer earlier this month, its Flaming Cheesecake was on the top of my list of dishes to try.

In terms of visuals, pastry chef Kiko Nakata does not hold back with this drop-dead-gorgeous creation, but the dessert's mixture of flavours and textures are taking it from simply a TikTok-worthy plate to something truly memorable. Once the flaming Grand Marnier shot melts away the 70 per cent chocolate dome, a miso caramel cheesecake with blood orange gel and white sesame crust is revealed.

"The flaming cheesecake is my nod to traditional desserts while still bringing in a little new age style," explains Nakata. "Incorporating flavours and ingredients from my Japanese heritage, and giving classic desserts a hard modern kick is my favourite way to create something that feels uniquely mine, and speaks to all the things that have been a part of my journey."


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The miso caramel cheesecake itself offers a lovely balance of umami and tanginess and the buttery sesame crust brings it all together. Damn, now I want to eat it again!

Archer is located at 1152 Alberni Street and open Wednesdays to Sundays, 5:30 p.m. to late. Reservations can be made online.