ICYMI: Campaign to save Saskatoon’s Extra Foods, Canadian poultry problems, and more

Here are six food stories you might have missed this week

Although the past week produced some good news for P.E.I. potato farmers with the U.S. agreeing to allow trade to resume between Canada and Puerto Rico, a new case of avian influenza in Nova Scotia has now placed Canadian poultry producers in a precarious position. 

In other news, a Saskatoon resident launched a campaign to save the city’s beloved Extra Foods grocery store, workers at a Sobeys distribution centre in Quebec have gone on strike, and supermarkets across the country have been reporting a dramatic rise in grocery theft. 

Catch up on these stories and more in this week’s ICYMI.

Trade restrictions placed on Canadian poultry

Following the discovery of avian influenza in a commercial poultry farm last week in Nova Scotia, South Korea and the Philippines recently halted trade on all poultry products from Canada.

Several other countries, including the U.S., Russia, and the European Union have also imposed restrictions on some products from the region affected by the bird flu outbreak. 

Head to Global News for the full story.

Campaign to save Saskatoon’s Extra Foods

Shortly after we shared the story of Loblaw’s plans to close Saskatoon’s beloved Extra Foods grocery store, a longtime resident of the city’s Broadway neighbourhood launched a campaign to save the store from closure.  

Following the launch of the campaign, news outlets reached out to Loblaw to inquire about potential plans to replace what many residents relied on as their sole source of groceries, but the company has yet to release a statement. 

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PEI potatoes receive greenlight for export to Puerto Rico


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Although the P.E.I. potato saga seems to be far from resolved, the U.S. recently agreed to allow imports to resume to Puerto Rico. While the United States Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has yet to set a date for trade to resume to the continental U.S., Canadian potato producers believe they have taken a vitally important first step. 

Find the full breakdown at CBC News.

Workers strike at Sobeys distribution centre in Quebec

Roughly 190 workers at a Sobeys distribution centre in Terrebonne, QC walked off the job this week following failed negotiations between the company and the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Sobeys has stated that the company has contingency plans in place should the strike persist, however, it has made no statement with regards to the wage and benefit improvements the union is seeking. 

Find out more at CTV News.

Grocery store theft on the rise

Several Canadian supermarkets have been expressing concern over a seemingly dramatic surge of food, liquor, and pharmaceutical theft in recent months. Although it remains unclear as to whether the rise in theft is correlated to inflation or food security, industry experts say meat, cheese, and over-the-counter medicine have been the most stolen items. 

Read the full story at Global News.

Jamaican-Canadians keep traditions alive in Canada

While not a news story per se, Toronto Star reporter Angelyn Francis recently spoke with a selection of Jamaican-Canadian cooks, including acclaimed chef Suzanne Barr, about how they are keeping Jamaican culinary traditions alive in Canada and why it is important to do so. 

Head to the Toronto Star to read the full article.