Julie Van Rosendaal to host monthly kitchen parties in Calgary

The first in a series of educative and inclusive kitchen parties is set to take place February 8

Yesterday, renowned cookbook author, food columnist, and culinary influencer, Julie Van Rosendaal announced that she will begin hosting a monthly series of kitchen parties aimed to make learning basic cooking skills more accessible while encouraging participants to spend more time in the kitchen together. 

While cooking classes like those at the Cookbook Company, where Van Rosendaal also teaches, are a great way for aspiring cooks to learn culinary fundamentals, they often come with a lofty price tag that some people simply can’t afford. 

The first event of the series is set to take place on February 8 at the newly-built YWCA in Calgary’s Inglewood neighbourhood. At each kitchen party, up to 25 attendees will get hands-on cooking experience at the state-of-the-art kitchen, followed by a family-style longtable feast.

“There’s so much we can learn from each other, even for experienced cooks,” Van Rosendaal explained on Social Media. “The fun thing about food is that there’s always something new and different and interesting, and by doing it together, we learn as much about each other as about the food we’re making. Learning doesn’t have to come from a chef or professional instructor in a formal environment.”


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The day and time of each subsequent kitchen party will always be different so that no one is excluded due to conflicting schedules. Van Rosendaal has enlisted a local production team to live stream each event for anyone who is unable to attend in person. 

Tickets are available in a “pay what you can” format on Eventbrite. All proceeds will go toward supporting YWCA's community programs.