Introducing Eat North Work: an online job board for the culinary industry

Canada’s new online job kitchen. Stock your brigade.

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Eat North Work: a platform to connect hungry job seekers with industry opportunities with a goal to peak the country’s culinary employment and career advancement.

Eat North co-founder and well-known food writer, Dan Clapson says, “Being as immersed in the Canadian food scene as Eat North is, it is almost impossible to go a whole day without hearing of an unfilled position at a well-respected restaurant in this country.”

The food and beverage industry is one that fosters growth and development especially to those who are mobile. Dan Clapson went on: “It is our hope that this new pillar of Eat North can truly further support cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg as the go-to place for passionate restaurant staff ,whether that means front of house, back of house or other related support positions.”

The industry support for Eat North is mutual. Robbie Kane, proprietor of Cafe Medina in Vancouver says, “As finding quality staff is always a top concern for the culinary industry, it’s good to see that a reputable source with national influence, such as Eat North, is stepping up to highlight industry job opportunities across the country.”

“We take great pride that a lot of food industry leaders and serious food fans look to Eat North for our breadth and depth of content,” says co-founder Diana Ng. “Opening up dedicated space to the sustainability of well-trained and well-supported restaurants was a natural progression in sharing the story of Canada’s food.”

After being moderated for quality and authenticity, job postings will appear live on within 12 hours. As well, will feature a biweekly collection of unique or dynamic job postings to help further showcase top-notch positions available in Canada.

Companies looking to begin posting can head to and use the code ‘BETATESTER’ from September 1 to November 15 for complimentary job postings. Following that, singular job postings will be available for purchase for $25 as well as available with other sponsored editorial packages and promotions.

About Eat North

Established in 2013, Eat North aims to tell stories of the Canadian food scene and the people behind it. From liquor distillers and sodas made from Canadian produce to the wide array of ingredients grown and the chefs who manipulate them into perfection, Eat North tells you why food matters to Canadians.

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