One Day in Calgary: One Bad Son lead singer Shane Connery Volk

The lead singer of rock band, One Bad Son and songwriter shares his favourite food and drink spots in Calgary

After spending almost two decades captivating crowds and collecting accolades as the lead singer and songwriter of legendary Canadian rock band One Bad Son, Calgary-based musician Shane Connery Volk recently revealed a seldom-seen side of himself with the release of his first single as a solo artist. 

Inspired by artists such as Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, Volk’s moody and acoustic-driven single captures the singer’s efforts to reconnect to music and creativity as a whole, while offering a relatable listening experience to, as Volk puts it, “anyone who has had a dream and maybe lost sight of what made it so special to them in the first place.” 

We recently had the chance to catch up with the multi-talented musician, who took some time to fill us in on his favourite places to eat and drink in Calgary.


Not only is Diner Deluxe a two-minute walk from my house, it’s the best breakfast spot in town! They have everything you want on the menu, though I rarely stray from the breakfast poutine with double-smoked bacon. The decor is eclectic and welcoming and the patio is perfect on a summer day.


I’ve only just discovered this Vegan spot [Monday’s Plant Café] and it’s quickly becoming a favourite. The Kale salad is absolutely incredible though the Rainbow Pad Thai has become my go-to!


This place is legendary and also (dangerously) close to my house. [Boogie’s Burgers are the] best burgers in YYC by a landslide. It’s everything you want in a burger-joint including local craft beer. So many amazing burgers to choose from, but it’s the Blazin’ Saddles for the win in my book!


[Trolley 5 and Pig & Duke are] two of my favourite places in town. I could’ve put these under any of the categories honestly, but I’ve enjoyed more morning/afternoon/closing time drinks at these places than any other!

Amazing atmosphere, craft beer, and never short of my favourite whiskies. If you ever want to find me talking Rock n’ Roll and comic art over a beverage, it’ll most likely be happening at one of these spots! 

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