One Day in Toronto: R&B Soul singer Jully Black

The R&B-soul singer's favourite food and drink spots in Toronto

Photo by Anna Keena Photography

As a platinum-selling singer with more than a decade’s worth of iconic hit singles and award-winning albums, few artists are more deserving of the title of “Canada’s Queen of R&B Soul” than Toronto-based musician Jully Black

After taking a brief break from recording after her 2020 single “Mi No Fraid”, Black  made her triumphant return to the studio with the release of her first single of 2022, “No Relation”, in anticipation of her new album dropping this spring. In addition to an artistically profound accompanying music video, Black’s new single marks a welcomed return to her musical roots, while also showcasing the maturation and growth of the multi-talented songwriter.

Outside of the music world, Black has seen success in theatre, television, and film, and has used her platform to promote the empowerment of disenfranchised Canadians through initiatives such as Empowered In My Skin and the #BlackArtistMatter concert series. 

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the acclaimed Toronto-based singer, who took some time from her busy schedule to dish on a few of her favourite food and drink spots in her hometown.


I love going to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. Oh my goodness, I’ve been going there for years for their pancakes! Slow cooked for 20 minutes, and they are the best pancakes on earth. 

The rest of their food is awesome too, but if you want a pancake that is better than sex, you go to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen! I also love Mildred’s because of the camaraderie; I love that they make their own homemade blueberry sauce and the ingredients are quite clean.


Souperlicious is a Caribbean takeout restaurant that has the best soups and porridges that are all inspired by the Caribbean so it reminds me of my childhood. You can also have cooked meals like oxtail, jerk chicken, curry chicken, Jamaican patties—all the things.

But what I love most about Souperlicious is that I was able to go and serve and be on their frontline during the pandemic and it really helped me have empathy and humility—and it helped me realize that I love people and I love soup! It also reminds me of my mom because my mom would make soup every Saturday for as long as she could, every single Saturday of my life for nearly 40 years—and I loved it so much!



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Planta Cucina! Vegan-Mexican food right in the heart of Toronto. If you want vegan food (or even if you want vegan food that doesn’t ‘taste’ like vegan food), it’s Planta Cucina! 

Their Cauliflower Tots and everything on the menu are yummy! I enjoy that they have a Charcoal Bourbon drink. Yes, it contains alcohol, but it doesn’t taste alcoholic and charcoal is good for you!



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I don’t really have a special place that I go for drinks, but I’ll have a drink wherever I’m having dinner, or lunch!  I do enjoy the charcoal bourbon drink from Planta Cucina!

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