One Day in Toronto: Singer Dani Doucette

The singer's favorite food and drink spots in Toronto

After making a huge splash in 2021 with a series of hit singles, multiple music videos, and several million impressions on streaming platforms like Spotify and TikTok, Toronto-based singer Dani Doucette recently released her highly-anticipated debut EP to rave reviews. 

Run With Me showcases the evolution and growth of the up-and-coming electro-pop artist, while offering a creative blend of danceable tracks that aspire to help listeners forget about the world in favour of living in the moment. 

Despite the volatility in Canada’s live music scene over the past two years, Doucette has remained connected to Toronto’s music community through a number of live-streamed performances, drive-in concerts, online listening parties, and more. 

We recently had a chance to catch up with the talented Toronto-based singer, who took some time to run us through a few of her favourite food and drink spots in her hometown.


[Lady Marmalade] This place uses the freshest eggs and produce. I am a huge fan of orange yolk eggs, so this place is my top choice. So fresh, and the waffles are incredible!



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The sandwiches double as a three course meal [at San Remo Bakery]. Massive, extremely fresh, and the best people. I personally love the caprese sandwich.


[Mamakas on Ossington takes] you on a trip to Greece. The atmosphere alone is so welcoming and warm, and the food is delish. I always go for the fresh fish options. 


The Dive Shop. The spicy margarita is my favorite drink!

Watch: Dani Doucette - Run With Me (Official Video)