One Day in Fraser Valley: country singer Kadooh

Country singer Kadooh dishes on his favourite places to dine in the Fraser Valley

Since setting out on a journey to reconnect with his roots, the Alberta-born-B.C.-based country singer Kadooh has continued to carve out a unique path in Canadian country music. 

Following the success of his 2019 self-titled EP, Kadooh’s newest single, “Rattlesnake Bite”–which was co-produced by close friend and award-winning musician Chard Kroeger of Nickelback–showcases his ever-evolving style with a highly danceable upbeat blend of modern country and classic guitar-driven rock.

“Country music is a genre I’ve really grown to love, and I think it’s opened itself up on both the pop and rock side. The parameters have really expanded, and that’s been really great for me,” said Kadooh. “This song is a put down your phone, get up and head to the dance floor anthem! Allowing people to let loose and burn off some much-needed steam!”

We recently caught up with Kadooh ahead of the highly-anticipated release of “Rattlesnake Bite", to find out where the talented singer loves to dine in the Fraser Valley region.


The Hilltop Cafe’s food is amazing! Their slogan is “If you’re in a hurry, go somewhere else.” The sausage patties are so good!


Vi-La Palace is so welcoming and the food is hands down some of the best you’ll ever enjoy!



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When I barbecue chicken at home it’s wicked awesome, but if I don’t feel like cooking, a sweet prime rib beef dip from Lou’s Grill is one of my favourites. Add in some sticky toffee pudding… all I can say is BAM!

Watch: Kadooh - Rattlesnake Bite (Official Music Video)