One Day in Toronto: singer Domanique Grant

The pop/soul singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Toronto

Photo by Cozy DQ
Photo by Cozy DQ

After a rapid rise to stardom since splashing onto the Canadian music scene in 2018, Toronto-based singer Domanique Grant has gone on to become one of Canada’s brightest stars. In addition to several major sync placements, a sold out Ted Talk, and featured performances for the United Nations, Grant’s affinity for effecting change has helped her to launch local and global initiatives like RBC’s Call A Friend and Music Canada Cares. 

Earlier this month, Grant released the first EP in a two-part series titled QUEEN/DOM. The four-track EP combines classic pop and R&B sounds with experimental electronic and hip hop influences, while exploring self-love and authenticity in a digital age through Grant’s earnest storytelling and silky smooth vocals.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the multi-talented musician, and since Grant is a fervent foodie with a love for all things local, we decided to ask her for a few food and drink recommendations in her hometown of Toronto.



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When I want to celebrate amazing Canadian cuisine and some of my own personal achievements, Canoe is always my go- to. The restaurant's executive chef Ron McKinlay has changed the game for what Canadian food tastes like.

The dining experience is in its own category of incredible and the unique menu which is always updated with fresh and new Canadian ingredients makes every visit a treat. Aside from the food and the incredible staff, the view of Toronto is in the top 5 most beautiful.


Simone's Caribbean Restaurant. My parents are Jamaican, so I'm the pickiest when it comes to Caribbean food that feels like home. This gem on the Danforth is one of the best. My personal favourites are the oxtails and rice, the ackee and cod fish, the chicken roti and they also make a mean sweet potato pie that takes me right back to my mom and grandma’s baking.

Honestly, everything is good on the menu, and they add a unique twist to all their food options. I would also boast that their vegan and vegetarian options are right up there—delicious and well thought out.



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Having grown up near Chinatown, Asian food is at the top of my list for favourite foods. Swatow is an absolute classic Cantonese restaurant that is a go-to. Sitting a bit north of Dundas and Spadina, Swatow was the restaurant that I grew up going to with my siblings. On my top items to order are the beef with black bean sauce, beef chow mein with black bean sauce and the chicken fried rice.


Gong Cha is my go-to bubble tea spot because their authentic flavours are like nowhere else. I’m obsessed with red bean-flavoured foods and drinks, and they are the only company that does a red bean smoothie that will have you craving more. Add some tapioca and coconut jelly and it’s like a meal in a cup. I grew up near Chinatown, so Taiwanese bubbles that are done right have a special place in my heart

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