10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - May 8, 2020 edition

These awesome Canadian-made songs have been added to our Spotify playlist. Check them out.

Much like the pantry at Eat North HQ, we like our kitchen mustic playlist to be well-stocked and diverse. We're constantly amazed at the new music being released. There are many parallels between creating music and creating food with one fundamental element: creativity.

From funky electronic to earnest country and alt-pop, here are ten great new songs by Canadian musicians that we've added to our Spotify playlist. Find out more about them and give them a listen below.

Astrocolor featuring Foxglove - Birds

This cool track from Victoria-based band, Astrocolor, features vocals from alt-folk group Foxglove and the result is something pleasingly hypnotic. We could listen to this all day.

Bebe Buckskin - Muskeg Blues

With a striking amount of soul in her voice, Bebe Buckskin's latest single is a six-minute bluesy jam that you can get lost in. It feels like it’s never going to end in the most awesome, intoxicating way.

Dru - YNF

After hearing the line, "She wanted to reconnect like bad Wi-Fi,” we were hooked. This new single from the Toronto-based singer Dru oozes early 2000s R&B and pop and we are happy about it.

Kendra Kay - Steady

This catchy new track from rising country star Kendra Kay showcases her "girl next door" vibes and warm vocals. Sure, there's a few cliches in the lyrics to "Steady", but there is an honesty in Kay's voice that makes us believe every word she's singing.

Matt Epp featuring Kelly Prescott - Throw It Away

This charming duet by Matt Epp and Kelly Prescott is giving us all the spring love feels. Together, their lightly raspy voices–which are great on their own–sound magical.

Noble Son - Sad, Dumb, Lovesick Young Kid

We love the pace of this introspective song by Vancouver folk artist, Noble Son. The melancholy choir at the end of "Sad, Dumb, Lovesick Young Kid" is an unexpected, but welcomed, touch to the song. His new album Life Isn't Fun comes out later this month and we can't wait to listen to it in its entirety.

The Prairie States - Low Life

A Prairie States song is always a fun time, and their new single "Low Life" delivers plenty of that. Co-written by country artist Aaron Pollock, "Low Life" is all about living a casual, carefree life. As summer approaches, that's all we really want, isn't it?

Samara Yung - In Case You Missed Me

We love an artist with true Prairie roots and that's exactly what Yorkton's Samara Yung has. This power ballad marks Yung's return to country music radio after laying low for a year or so. With Jess Moskaluke already a household name and Tenille Arts gaining tons of momentum, we wonder if there's something in the water in rural Saskatchewan that breeds powerhouse female country singers?

Scenic Route to Alaska - Call Your Friends

As the single's name implies, "Call Your Friends" is a commentary on our current status of social distancing. These days, there are never enough reminders to check on people in your life as mental health remains ever a hot topic, so it's even better when that reminder comes by way of an upbeat rock song from Scenic Route to Alaska.

T. Thomason featuring Rose Cousins - King of Spaces, Pt. 2

This seemingly lo-fi duet between Halifax artists T. Thomason and Rose Cousins starts off gently–the background track almost sounds like rain drops in a cool, calming way–and builds to a great crescendo toward the end. Their consistent harmonies throughout end with an emotional back and forth of vocals--the epitome of heartbreak.

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