10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - Oct. 30, 2020 edition

Some great new tunes we've added to our cooking playlist on Spotify

Halloween is looking a lot different this year. This weekend, most of us won't be going out to any big bashes, but there's nothing wrong with staying in and indulging in some Halloween candy...in costume, of course.

We've given our Spotify playlist its weekly refresh with some great new music by Canadian musicians to help keep your ears as entertained as your taste buds with all that candy.

From a gorgeous ballad by Winnipeg's Kelly Bado to a catchy, dark alt-pop song by Montreal's Emi Jeen, here are 10 songs by Canadian artists that we're loving right now.

Breathless featuring Megan Dawson and Something Wild - Playing Nice

This new rock-meets-dance-meets-pop track by Breathless featuring Megan Dawson boasts plenty of attitude and has us wishing we had some anger to dance off. "Playing Nice" shows a whole new side of Dawson which makes us excited to hear what else she might have in the pipeline for 2020.

Dani Strong - Bug in the Bed

There's a lot to love on Strong's recently released album Undefined, but "Bug in the Bed" is a fun stand out both lyrically and melodically. There's a grit to this musician's voice that fits so perfectly with the high notes she hits throughout.

Dallas - Nightmare

A song title perfectly suited for Halloween, the new single from Toronto's Dallas isn't all that spooky outside of the booming thunder that kicks things off. Instead, the alt-pop "Nightmare" turns out to be uber catchy. What a bop!

Deanne Rose Moore - Not Waiting Anymore

The phenomenal set of pipes on singer Deanne Rose Moore will capture your attention in no-time. Her debut single "Not Waiting Anymore" gives us plenty of 90s R&B vibes (think the iconic Deborah Cox) and we are here for it.

Desiree Dorion - 45

Manitoba-based country singer Desiree Dorion's latest release "45" is a somber, but impassioned song about substance abuse that easily resonates. Her signature vocals pull you in with her first line and capture your attention until her last words.

Emi Jeen - Other Side

Maybe it's because it's Halloween weekend, but it seems as though we're really leaning into the slightly dark alt-pop this week. Emi Jeen's "Other Side" comes hot off of her new EP of the same name and this haunting song has us hitting repeat.

Eric Ethridge - Out Of My League

Who doesn't love a lovey-dovey pop country moment? Eric Ethridge's new album Good With Me boasts those moments in spades, but we've fallen hardest for "Out Of My League". Wondering how you were lucky enough to end up with someone special is a warm, fuzzy feeling that we hope everyone could relate to.

Kelly Bado - I Love That You Love Me

There's something so beautifully calming about Kelly Bado's voice on "I Love That You Love Me', the only english track on her otherwise francophone new album Hey Terre. Next time we're feeling a little down, we're going to give this a spin and let Bado remind us that everything is going to be alright.

Ryan Langdon - Best Night

We like getting our fix of macho country every now and again and what better way to do that than through a catchy tune by Ontario's Ryan Langdon? "Best Night" is a love-at-first-sight song made more convincing by Langdon's deep, commanding voice.

Will Sea featuring Chrystal Leigh - Lifeline

Knowing that she was the frontwoman for the band Jackalope in a previous musical life, we know that Chrystal Leigh's (one half of Sons and Daughters) voice can suit a variety of genres. Hearing her sing on the new dance track "Lifeline" by Vancouver's Will Sea is a ton of fun. Let's dance!

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