One Day in Toronto: singer Kirty

The popular singer on her favourite spots in Toronto

Following the critically acclaimed release of Fast Romantics’ third studio album and a series of well-received singles over the past few months, Toronto-based singer Kirty recently unveiled her highly anticipated sophomore solo album in full, We Are All On Fire

Combining her folk roots with ethereal vocals and a nostalgic 90s synth sound, the new nine-track EP showcases the multifaceted musician’s evolution as an artist through her personal experience with the pandemic, life on the road, the passing of close family members, and a growing relationship–both musical and romantic–with her Fast Romantics bandmate and songwriting partner Matthew Angus.

We recently had a chance to catch up with the talented Toronto-based singer, who took us on a tour of her favourite places to eat and drink in her hometown.


I’m not one for diving into a heavy breakfast in the morning, if I’m being perfectly honest. I love coffee and there’s no better place in my neighborhood than spending my morning at Capital Espresso drinking Amerciano’s and maybe having one of their freshly baked muffins.

It’s all about the coffee. It’s across the street from my house and always bustling with familiar faces and friendly folks walking their dogs and hanging out with their babies and drinking coffee. 



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I love Tibetan food and Momo House rules. It’s down the street from my house and serves the tastiest momo’s around. To be fair, Parkdale is Little Tibet, and so there are incredible Tibetan restaurants all around, but Momo House is a gem of a spot, and a perfect place to grab some lunch. 


I can’t not mention Skyline Restaurant...considering that I’m there almost every other night. Great food, great music, and great staff. This diner-style restaurant is the friendliest of joints and will forever be one of my main go-to places to eat, drink, and have a good hang. 


When I’m in the mood to have a nightcap, sit at a cozy bar, and listen to someone play the piano, I head to Motel for an evening beverage. When they’re not having live music, they’re spinning great records with the lights down real low. I like that about this place. 

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