One day in Calgary: Project WILD finalist Charlie James

Where this country music artist goes for burritos, barbecue, pizza and drinks.

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There are so many hotspots in Calgary's food scene that it's almost impossible to narrow them down into a day of eating. However, if you get an insider's tips, you can eat like a local, like musician Charlie James

James is a new rock-country artist based in Calgary. This year, he's one of 12 finalists for Project WILD's Showcase Series, competing for the grand prize of over $100,000. Here's where he likes to go for breakfast burritos, barbecue, pizza and tequila.





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Blue Star Diner is a great way to start your day, and probably on a lot of people's lists.  The friendly staff and great service are matched by the tasty food they serve up.  Go with the Blue Star Burrito!


For lunch, I recommend Big T’s BBQ and Smokehouse. If you like BBQ (and let’s be honest--who doesn’t?), Big T’s is a great place to go.  They offer a casual atmosphere, great staff and generous portions that come to your table quickly.  What else do you want?



My fave has to be 4th Spot Kitchen and Bar. I’ve been a patron there since they opened. (It just happens to be across the street from a firehouse.) They took over the space from Karouzos, and kept some of the original pizza recipes! Try The Butcher; you won’t be disappointed!





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For an evening out on the town, I suggest starting at Añejo. This place has a great vibe and a well-stocked bar, especially if you’re particular about your tequila.  With a well-laid-out lounge and a patio designed for 4th Street people watching, you can’t miss.  Lay the foundations for a great night and start at Añejo!