One Day in Calgary: singer ANNIKA

The multi-talented artist on her new music and her favourite places to eat in Calgary

Based in Calgary, Alberta, ANNIKA is an accomplished musician, vocalist, and songwriter. We recently caught up with her to hear all about her exciting new music projects and find out where she loves to go for food and drink in her hometown.

You may know her from her former role in the award-winning duo Leaving Thomas, but now she is embarking on a new musical journey and releasing her first full length solo album, Stand Still, which combines her love of country songwriting with heartfelt piano playing and melodic vocals.

ANNIKA's talents go even further than her powerful voice. She is a classically trained pianist, violinist, and vocalist, as well as a renowned songwriter and captivating performer. All 14 songs on the album were cowritten by her, showcasing her talents and resulting in a project that captures her heart and soul as an artist.

The first two singles from the project, "I Really Don't Want To" and "It Still Hurts," are out now and available on all platforms. While you're listening, check out some of ANNIKA's top picks for places to eat.


The Cast Iron Cafe. I love this place because it feels like you are eating breakfast in a friend’s living room!

The mugs and dishes don’t match each other so it’s always a fun game to see who gets the prettiest, goofiest, or silliest mug at the table when the coffee comes!


Empire Provisions is a little Italian deli/cafe that I can walk to from my house and I love their coffee, baked goods, and their sandwiches! It’s a perfect lunch spot!



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One of the best dinners we’ve had over the past year has been at EIGHT, a restaurant that is tucked into the back corner of NUPO—both restaurants are owned and operated by the incredible, world-renowned chef Darren Maclean.

It is such a unique experience because there are only eight seats and you get to watch Darren make every course alongside his staff while asking him questions about cooking, his career, or if you’re like me, you’re curious about things like what he’s watching on Netflix and what he likes to do fo fun!

He uses Canadian ingredients to take you on a culinary journey and again, it’s pretty spectacular to get to see a chef work behind the scenes while you enjoy the fruits of his labour!


I haven’t been drinking a lot in the past nine months (as I’ve been pregnant), but I am so looking forward to that first glass of champagne soon!

I would love to go back to The Hawthorne Dining Room & Bar at the Palliser because I love the decor and the downtown vibe of the bar. I know they make great mocktails, so I’m sure their cocktails won’t disappoint either!

Watch: ANNIKA "I Really Don't Want To"