One Day in Edmonton: R&B-pop artist Josh Sahunta

The R&B-pop singer's favourite food and drink spots in Edmonton

Since bursting onto the Canadian R&B-pop scene in 2017, Edmonton-based musician Josh Sahunta has continued to raise his musical bar with a succession of songs that offer rich, substantive lyricism and cool, contemporary soundscapes. 

His latest track, “This Party Sucks” packs a unique blend of retro-style synth sounds, deep basslines, and effervescent vocals into a playful and relatable story about reluctantly attending a bad party simply because someone special is there. It's been getting plenty of buzz since being released earlier this month, and it is damn catchy.

We recently had a chance to catch up with the self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer, who shared a few of his favourite places for food and drinks in Edmonton.



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My favourite breakfast spot in Edmonton is definitely Pip. Such a simple name for such an incredible restaurant.

I’m a big breakfast sandwich guy and theirs is top notch. Just make sure you get there earlier than you think because they’ve almost always got a wait list.



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My go-to lunch spot in Edmonton is a little sandwich shop called Farrow. My order is always the same: the “Chief Beef.”

I was always one of those weird kids who put potato chips in my sandwiches, burgers, and basically any other food contained within a pair of buns, and the “Chief Beef” made me feel right at home. It’s incredible.



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For dinner, you’ve got to try XIX Nineteen. I don’t go too often because it’s definitely on the pricier side, but when I do go, I splurge. For starters, you must try the Ahi Tuna Twist. You get 4 forks that are wrapped with skinny, Thai noodles. On top of that is a bite-sized piece of Ahi Tuna covered with some aioli and garnish. It’s the best appetizer I’ve ever had in my life, hands down.

After that, you need to try the Hoisin-Glazed Beef Short Ribs. It gives the phrase “melt in your mouth” a new meaning. It’s also great for babies and seniors because you literally do not need teeth to eat it.



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I don’t drink alcohol, but what I do drink are smoothies, and the best smoothie you will find in good old YEG is at Kb & Co. They’ve got a smoothie called the "Chocolate Chip Mint”, and it is to die for. It’s like cheat day, but you’re not even cheating.

The ingredients are natural (spinach, dates, almond butter, etc...) and good for you , but it literally tastes like you are drinking something you should feel guilty about. I highly recommend it if you need your sweet tooth fix, but you ain’t willing to forfeit your gains.

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