One day in Québec City: Top Chef Canada competitor Sébastien Laframboise

Hôtel Le Bonne Entente executive chef Sébastien Laframboise is the first competitor on Top Chef Canada to represent Québec City

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After three chefs were eliminated in the first episode of Top Chef Canada last week, it became clear from the get-go that this season is going to be intense. One chef who made it through the first set of challenges is Sébastien Laframboise, the first-ever Top Chef Canada competitor to represent Québec City.

A lifelong fan of both Top Chef and Top Chef Canada, Laframboise’s familiarity with the competition's format and his naturally-competitive nature has made him a chef to watch out for this season. Laframboise earned his cooking chops interning at Michelin-starred restaurants Square and The Ledbury in the U.K. Upon returning to Canada, Laframboise became the executive chef at District Saint-Joseph, and is now the executive chef at Hôtel Le Bonne Entente.


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Laframboise has a reputation for putting the good of the team ahead of his own personal gain, but this season, he is looking to be the last chef standing on Top Chef Canada. Until then, we chatted with the Food Network Canada competitor to find out his top picks for wining and dining in Québec City.



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I don’t usually eat breakfast in restaurants, usually just brunch; but when I do, it’s at a really cozy restaurant called Chez Rioux et Pettigrew. Nice place, excellent brunch and friendly service.



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There’s a lot of cool places to go to lunch in the city with amazing chefs, but I always end up back "home" at the Bistro B. for their food. They are very professional in their service, and I love sitting at the counter, talking to the cooks about the beautiful products that they use.



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I have a lot of choices here. If it’s not the Cendrillon Restaurant, which everyone needs to check out, I would have to go with my ultimate classic, Bicep BBQ. It’s a classic southern smokehouse in the cold depths of Québec. What looks at first like a small wooden cabin will charm you with bold, beautiful, and juicy bbq dishes. Chef Vincent Chatigny is an absolute lover of rifles and the smoker. A unique experience for sure!



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Chez Tao! This Asian street food restaurant is the home of one of Quebec’s finest mad scientist, Vincent Thuaud. His love for spirits is about as deep and passionate as my love of bacon. I always have need to chat with him, because he has the best technique in the business.