One Day in St. Albert: singer Hailey Benedict

The singer's favourite food and drink spots in St. Albert

After a rapid rise to fame in 2016 following an incredible impromptu performance alongside Keith Urban in front of 20,000 fans, Alberta-based singer Hailey Benedict has been catching the Canadian country music scene by storm.  

Her TikTok page–which has accumulated more than 200,000 followers and over two million likes–has become so popular that it recently garnered the attention of American Idol, and while the talented young singer didn’t quite go the distance on the south-of-the-border singing competition, since returning Benedict has continued to impress critics and fans alike with her latest two singles, “Strike 4” and “Wanted You To”. 

Now that Alberta restrictions are relatively relaxed, Benedict has returned to the stage once again, and following a memorable performance at the Together Again Festival in Edmonton, she will showcase her latest music for fans at the Blue Jay Sessions in Calgary on September 3. 

We recently had a chance to chat with the rising pop-country star, who filled us in on all of her favourite places to eat and drink in St. Albert.


My favourite place to bring a friend for tea and breakfast in the morning is La Crema Caffe! The cafe is very quaint and right in the downtown of St. Albert (which is especially great to go on Saturdays to get some food before you enjoy the infamous St. Albert Farmers Market.) They also have a Tuscan panini that is so delicious it melts in your mouth! I get it every time.


For lunch, I absolutely love and cannot say enough good things about Jack’s Burger Shack. The head chef there was also on Chopped Canada! The staff are so friendly, and the burgers are heaven. I love to get their Impossible burger but with the Hangover buns (which are essentially grilled cheese). I pair that with the fries, malt aioli and then Darth Vader Milkshake. Jacks is a true St. Albert treasure and a must-go-to!


If you are ever looking for a savoury sushi dinner, you have to check out Sushi Park in St. Albert. The sushi is so flavourful that a little goes a long way! I usually order the California rolls, a few of the chopped scallop nigiri sushi, and pair it with a miso soup. There are so many delicious items on their menu that you genuinely can’t go wrong with whatever you choose!


Central Social Hall has such a lively and fun atmosphere as well as the perfect place to watch a game, hang with friends and have some drinks. The Peach Bellini is one of my favourites, and such a great venue to socialize and catch up!

Watch: Hailey Benedict - Wanted You To (Audio)