One day in Toronto: Singer Brayden Alexander

The up-and-coming R&B singer dishes on his favourite eats and drinks in his hometown of Toronto

As an artist immersed in the musical melting pot of the GTA, it doesn’t take long to hear the wide range of creative inspiration that went into the debut album of Toronto singer Brayden Alexander

Incorporating alternative R&B with deeply introspective lyricism, Alexander’s Honey features 14 soulful tracks that tell a series of stories through melodic beats and poetic songwriting. His newest single, “Queen” is the first in a trio of songs written about a lost love, recounting the initial bliss of the relationship before things went south. 

Although Alexander is already in the process of producing a follow-up album for 2021, he took some time out of his busy schedule to fill us in on his favourite food and drink spots in the city he’s called home for the last decade.




White Lily Diner makes fresh doughnuts every morning, always a different flavour, and the most unique of flavours. All the food is sourced from the neighbourhood’s butcher, baker, etc...I love the side of hash browns with malt vinegar mayo and green onions.

I could live off this. [Actually], I may currently be living off of it.  




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I don’t know how they do it, but at Planta wouldn’t even realize they don’t serve meat. I love the vibe, but more importantly I love the food. It’s nice to eat things that are healthy, full of flavour, and super classy, without even knowing it.




The Comrade has the best burger in the city. I’m a burger fiend, and this burger gives birth to other burgers. It’s like the mother of burgers. Super simple, but everything about it is right. I want to eat one right now. The place also has kick ass drinks–they’re known for their cocktails. Super low lighting, weird oddities everywhere. Great date spot.

I also love Patois. I mean. This place. Wow. Boom. Jamaican patty, say less. The jerk chicken, wild. Pineapple burger? I can’t even explain. This place needs a leash. I love it, it’s my favorite. You’re welcome.




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Your boy B hosts a mean cocktail party. I love a good fireside chat. I’m into that low light, dark, moody feeling.

Speaking of which, Bar Raval. Who’s brain child was this place? I want to party in their mind. At least I can go here. I love their cocktails...[they come in] such sexy glasses. This place smells great, looks great, and feels great. It’s like a great a cocktail bar.

If we’re going cocktails, we're going classy at Alo Barroom. This joint is small, classy, single bartender, outrageous flavors. They’ll invent a cocktail right there on the spot if you ask them to. I love it. Their food is also amazing. I like their secret bathroom door–as weird as that is. The place is rad. Go get some Alo in ya'.

Watch: Queen by Brayden Alexander