One Day in Vancouver: Brandon Wolfe Scott of Yukon Blonde

The singer-songwriter's favourite food and drink spots in Vancouver

As one part of the celebrated indie rock group Yukon Blonde, guitarist and singer-songwriter Brandon Wolfe Scott is no stranger to the Canadian music scene. When he's not recording or touring with the band, Scott stays busy recording his own tunes.

The singer's third EP titled Slow Transmission will be dropping this spring via Dine Alone Records, and its lead tune "In Stride" is now available to stream. The self-produced, five-track body of work explores the facets of complex emotions created when navigating a new space and developing new bonds.

"This project has at times felt Sisyphean, endlessly pushing my boundaries - both personal and creative," says the musician. “Challenged by the balance between the intimate and the public, Slow Transmission explores themes of being in a relationship with one’s inner demons."

Recently, we had the chance to ask Brandon Wolfe Scott about his favourite places to eat and drink in his home base of Vancouver. From a great Italian bakery to a classic pub, here's four spots he truly loves.



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There’s a great Italian bakery just up the road from me on Commercial Drive called Livia. They have the most incredible sourdough breads baked in house, gorgeous pastries, and my go to favourite: The Breakfast Sandwich with scamorza and pickled onion!

The place has a very casual aesthetic, which makes for a lovely spot to enjoy a coffee...and to pretend you're in Europe for a moment. 



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Sal y Limon has a few locations in Vancouver but I regularly frequent the spot on Commercial Drive, as it’s only a ten minute walk from my house.

They make a mean burrito here that’s very authentic and the portions are massive! There’s also a small outdoor patio at this location to sit and enjoy an afternoon Negra Moldelo too. (Also, across the street is my favourite guitar store in the city, Rufus Guitar Shop.


My partner and I love curry. She’s from North Yorkshire, UK so her expectations of good curry dishes are pretty high.

It’s safe to say every other Friday we order in from our favourite restaurant called Tandoori Palace. We get the same thing every time because it’s just so good; Mutter Paneer, Daal Makhani, Aloo Gobi and their veggie pakoras! The nice thing about ordering in is that there’s always enough for lunch the next day.


The Irish Heather pub on East Georgia in Chinatown is a short walk from our rehearsal studio. After practice, my bandmates and I will hike over there and seat up at the corner section of the main bar.

Last year, we frequented so often it started to feel like the sitcom Cheers (i.e. "where everybody knows your name”). Nothing beats a post-jam pint of Guinness with the lads! 

Watch: Brandon Wolfe Scott - IN STRIDE (Official Video)