One Day in Winnipeg: country artist Jerry Sereda

Indigenous country musician Jerry Sereda shares his favourite places to eat in Manitoba

Growing up in Manitoba, Jerry Sereda’s family taught him how to hunt, fish, trap, and live off the land, and they also taught him to love music, with his grandmother as his guide when he picked up his first guitar. Since then, he has made his mark on the Canadian country music scene with two studio albums and many charting singles, including several number ones on the Indigenous music charts.

Sereda's brand new album Classic Country Couple was released today, and you can catch a rebroadcast of the talented artist performing his new single for APTN's Indigenous Day Live via Lumi, and on June 27 when he performs a livestream album release concert on IGTV.

From duck chilaquiles for breakfast to dinner at an Indigenous-owned burger joint, here are Sereda's top places to eat in Winnipeg.


My favourite places for breakfast would have to be Perkins and Cora because they always seem to have great food and generous portion sizes.

But a cool, and tasty, little gem in Winnipeg is the Clementine Cafe that is a licensed, breakfast-only establishment that has amazing food and atmosphere.

They have amazing eggs benedict, a great burger dip, and even duck chilaquiles, and smoked steelhead for something more outdoorsy in flavour.


My favorite place for lunch or afternoon snacks is Roblin Grill which serves up amazing homemade burgers from an Indigenous owned and operated restaurant.

My favourite has to be the Hollyburger which is a sizable, two patty burger, complete with jalapenos and a chipotle mayo. 


For dinner, a great place to go is Half Moon Restaurant in Lockport, 30 minutes north of Winnipeg, which has been a Manitoba staple for years.

It is an old school drive-in themed restaurant that has been a great place to go for food, or ice cream.

It's also a great place to catch some Manitoba countryside or stop on the way to the amazing Manitoba beaches.


The King’s Head Pub has always been a great place to gather with friends and family for an after work beverage, and to take in some live music or play some pool.

Or head over to Cowboy’s Roadhouse in Windsor Park to get your fill of live country music, great service, and good old country hospitality from the servers and bartenders. Go for the music, stay for the dancing and friendships.

Listen to Jerry Sereda's brand new album on Spotify