One Day in Winnipeg: musician Dave Landreth

One half of The Bros. Landreth on what he loves about his hometown of Winnipeg

Dave Landreth of The Bros. Landreth
Photo by BNB Studios.

Back in April, we had a chance to chat with Joey from acclaimed musical duo The Bros. Landreth as the two brothers were gearing up to release their third full-length studio album. Well, fellow music-loving Canadians, that day has officially arrived and we feel confident in saying that Come Morning definitely does not disappoint. 

The 10-track album traverses topics from hard truths to new beginnings and offers listeners a newly-refined rendition of the band’s signature North American roots music and harmony-heavy soul style. 

With the single “Don’t Feel Like Crying” having just dropped and the duo about to kick off the Canadian leg of their upcoming international tour on June 3, we decided to ask Dave Landreth to provide a few of his go-to dining destinations in his hometown of Winnipeg. You can find his awesome picks below and you will also catch both brothers chatting with Madison Olds and Dan Clapson on our new season of Melodies and Menus that debuts next week.


Falafel Place is my go-to breakfast spot and I’ve only ever had one thing off the menu. I get it every damn time. The Vegan Heaven is eight perfectly fried falafel balls on a mountain of hummus, yam and potato hash with onions and banana peppers, and two slices of sourdough bread. You leave stuffed, I promise.

My old man introduced Joe and I to the restaurant when we were kids and we’ve been going ever since. I’ve got a soft spot for greasy spoons like this!


Sargent Tacos is a tiny Mexican restaurant that opened up across the street from the studio we work out of. Everything is incredible, but the tacos are stand-out (d’uh). We’ve all got our favourites, but lately I’ve been inclined to order three “surprise” tacos with extra avocado and see what Carlos whips up.

I definitely recommend upgrading to the value meal with beans, rice, and a cold Jarritos. The hot sauce is all made in–house. The green one really floats my boat and has a nice medium bite. Be wary of the orange one unless you are exceptionally brave.


The Nook, yet another quality greasy spoon. Comfy booths with a tiny open kitchen where you can hear the family who run it yelling out orders and scolding each other. This is another spot that we’ve been going to since we were little kids.

Most “Winnipeggers” think of The Nook as a breakfast joint, but I prefer to sneak in late after the crowds are gone and enjoy the half-empty diner vibe. The chicken club with fries is pure comfort food and, after eating there for probably 20 years, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve ordered anything else.



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I’ve got a reputation for an overdeveloped sweet tooth, so I speak with some confidence when I say that I’m pretty sure Oh Doughnuts has the best doughnut game in town. No point trying to highlight a favourite, the offerings are constantly changing.

Go in with an open mind and a few friends to share with. Pro tip: Order a half dozen and cut them up so you can sample each flavour without making yourself sick.

Watch: The Bros. Landreth - Don't Feel Like Crying (Acoustic Video)