One Day in Winnipeg: musician Joey Landreth

Joey from The Bros. Landreth dishes on his favourite food and drink spots in Winnipeg

After solidifying their status as one of Canada’s premiere musical duos with a successful follow-up to their award-winning debut album and a series of hit singles in the time since, Winnipeg-based band The Bros. Landreth are gearing up to release their third full-length album next month. 

Not unlike its predecessors, Come Morning features a blend of North American roots music and harmony-heavy soul. The forthcoming album offers an authentic look into the brothers’ pre- and post-pandemic relationship, and features appearances from other acclaimed artists such as Leith Ross, Aaron Sterling, and Daniel Roy. 

With their new album set to release on May 13, we decided it would be a perfect time to chat with the talented twosome about their favourite food and drink spots in Winnipeg. Since both brothers love their local food scene, we kicked off the conversation with multi-talented musician Joey Landreth.


Clementine. Absolutely everything on the menu is delicious. My wife Anna and I always order the fried chicken on toast, the Belgian waffles and whatever potato offering they have.


Banh Ngon. Two doors down from Sargent Tacos and an equally lovely BBQ Pork Banh Mi. I get mine spicy with a can of Pepsi.


The Local. Killer burgers, killer Poke Bowl. I love the Calabrian Caesar Salad with Beef. So good!



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Oh Doughnuts is great for sure. I’m not much into cocktails or non-alcoholic beer but I do love coffee! Little Sister is my jam. I used to live at Stradbrook and Cauchon and I’d stop there at least once a day!

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