One Day in Winnipeg: singer Sandy Taronno of New Wales

Great dining recommendations for Winnipeg

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If you're looking for an up-and-coming Canadian rock act to add to your listening agenda, allow us to direct your ears to rock duo New Wales.

The Winnipeg-based band, comprised of bandmates Sandy Taronno and David Pankratz, has been making music since 2019, but things have been ramping up in recent months thanks to a brand new album. Big Same was released on April 14 and the energetic 12-track album has us hoping to catch a live New Wales performance some time real soon.

Not simply a hot bed of musical and art talent, Manitoba's capital city has a booming food scene too.

From breakfast at what just might be Canada's best A.M. eatery to drinks at a cool spot on Sherbrook, here's where one half of New Wales, Sandy Taronno, loves to eat and drink in Winnipeg.


Every time we tour, we wonder where the good breakfasts are. Other cities don’t seem to care about this crucial meal the same way we Winnipegers do.

Clementine is the alpha and omega of breakfast joints. Maybe no one else is even bothering to try? 19 stars!



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The Grove Pub has been consistently excellent for many years. Their Harvard Burger is transcendent.


deer + almond has unbearably good food and offers true fine dining, but without feeling too stuffy.

The menu morphs all the time, but there’s no such thing as a bad meal here.


The Tallest Poppy is right here in my neighbourhood.

Typically I go for a proper pub with a tidy row of gleaming taps, but these folks have such a lovely and unique vibe...and the staff are a great hang. 27 stars!

Watch: New Wales - "Not Reading Minds" (Official Music Video)