Singer Jocelyn Alice on what she loves about Calgary's food scene

Canadian singer and songwriter on where she enjoys eating and drinking when she's home in Calgary

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Updated September 28, 2018

With what is a truly extraordinary voice, Jocelyn Alice had long been one of Calgary's most celebrated local artists before the rest of North America caught onto her captivating musical abilities. In the past three years, her career has really taken flight. Prior to becoming a household name in Canada in 2015 with the breakout summer hit, “Jackpot” (which became certified platinum in Canada, a rarity for any musician these days), Alice and Calgary-based bassist Lisa Jacobs performed in the indie soul pop duo jocelyn & lisa.

Since her 2015 commercial success, she has released other singles including her Canadian radio top 15 hit “Bound To You,” the recently Gold-certified track “Feels Right” and "I Know," currently one of the most added tracks to Canadian radio.

If that's not enough, back in December, the singer-songwriter teamed up with Walk Off The Earth for a cover of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” which has almost 3 million views on YouTube. Oh, and she's got 1.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify too.

On the songwriting side, Alice has co-written music featured on television shows like One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars ,and also co-wrote Mother Mother's hit 2017 song, "The Drugs." Before all of this, the passionate artist worked in Calgary's service industry while progressing her musical career and performing at venues of all shapes and sizes. Alice spends much of her time in cities like Los Angeles, Toronto and Nashville, recording and writing with other artists, but thoroughly cherishes her time back in her hometown of Calgary.

Hit play on Jocelyn's new LP 'Little Devil' and then look below to find out the many reasons why she loves exploring and supporting Calgary's food community.



Daylight savings calls for Sunday brunch! #yyc #yyceats #yycfood #yycbrunch

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I am always in a mad rush to get back to Blue Star Diner in Bridgeland. I love that area of Calgary. The people that work there are beyond dope and the food is so creative, simple and delicious. I’m also a big fan of Bridgette Bar in the morning. The decor just kills my heart. You can tell a lot of detail to attention went into that place. And the coffee is strong; I love that!

But let's be real here. The day must always start at Caffe Beano. I walk in there and it’s like a jolt of the best coffee and nostalgia life could give. I’ve spent over 10 years religiously drinking Beano coffee, journaling in the corner booth, sitting outside with crushes and friends and coworkers, playing gigs at the bar across the street. Beano helped me become the writer and person that I am in a lot of ways. Someone I read about somewhere once said that the best ideas in the world are birthed in coffee shops. I really believe that because I’ve lived it. I love the owner, Margie. It’s so badass to see cool women building cool places where so many memories are made. 



Tuesdays are better with... You guessed it, $2.50 tacos all day!

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When I’m being naughty, I love a good mezcalarita and taco or burger from Native Tongues in the mid-afternoon. That’s the best time for tequila and tacos, eh? That place will always have my heart. One day, I want my kitchen to look like that place.

I also love a good stop at Globefish in Marda Loop. My little brother and I used to work there back in the day. Gosh, that place is so delicious and so accommodating of my gluten allergy. They’re like family to me. The people I worked with taught me so much about having a good attitude and working hard. I am so grateful for that. I ate so much food when I worked there. It’s hard not to when it’s that delicious. 


Calcutta Cricket Club is the bomb-dot-com, people. The food and cocktails are as colourful as the decor. I always leave feeling really inspired and healthily full. You can also find me at Nash when I’m home. You can feel the heart of that place the moment you walk in, but especially in the food. I find their staff to be such knowledgable artists, and I always feel so taken care of when I go there. 



Frosty Beverage?

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I love Model Milk. They always have a really eclectic and evolving cocktail menu and their bartenders always know how to make an incredible classic drink if you just want something simple. But, my new obsession is the Tumeric Gimlet from Calcutta Cricket Club. YUM!!!!! That makes me want to fly home right now!

Watch the official music video for Jocelyn's latest single "I Know"