10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - Sept. 12, 2020 edition

Ten Canadian-made tunes we are loving this week

September brings some cooler weather and colour changes to the trees, but we're still living our best lives at home cooking up a storm as we get ready to say goodbye to summer. You've got to make the most of all of that remaining local produce, right?

What better to pair with cooking local ingredients with than great Canadian-made music?

Our Spotify playlist has gotten its weekly refresh to keep our ears entertained. From a fantastic collaboration between Ria Mae and Jocelyn Alice to a danceable track by Wild Black and indie rockers Yukon Blonde's new single, here are ten songs by Canadian musicians that we are spinning a lot lately.

Faouzia - How It All Works Out

We love a stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks voice and that is exactly what Faouzia has got. The Moroccan-Canadian, Manitoba-based powerhouse recently released a collection of stripped down songs and "How It All Works Out" left us speechless. If Leona Lewis and Ella Henderson had a lovechild, it would be Faouzia. Seriously, that voice.

Janer - Tired of Your Love

Newfoundland musician Janer has just released a new R&B/pop single "Tired of Your Love" which sort of reads of summer love gone wrong. 'Tis the season, right? It's a fun, poppy listen with just enough attitude.

Marcus Trummer Band - Waiting for the Storm to Pass

There's plenty of soul to be found in this new single by Calgary's Marcus Strummer. From Strummer's earnest vocals to the subtle coo of the backup singers, keys and chill guitar solo halfway through, the well-rounded production of the song is easy to soak up.

Meghan Patrick - My First Car

One of Canada's current queens of pop country just dropped her latest single "My First Car" which is all about looking back to younger years and having no regrets. Quintessential Patrick, it's always interesting to us how her musi can sound so familiar and yet no one else in the country's music scene really sounds like her.

Neon Dreams - Don’t Go Hating Me Now

We are ready to listen to anything Neon Dreams drops and the new single "Don't Go Hating Me Now" both doesn't disappoint, but also tugs at few heart strings when you pay attention to the lyrics. Being the person to help a friend who's struggling regardless of if they "hate" you at the time. We've all been there.

Ria Mae featuring Jocelyn Alice - Therapy

Can Ria Mae and Jocelyn Alice sing together all of the time? That's our (early) Christmas wish for 2020. "Therapy" is all about the damage a intense love-ridden relationship can inflick on a person...especially the thought of one coming to an end. This topic combined with Mae and Alice's beautifully distinct vocals makes for a song you can't stop listening to.


Part of a visual concept album (check some of it out on YouTube), this song by STORRY is a chill, dreamy musical ride.

TJB - Summertime

Summer might be over, but that doesn't mean we are digging TJB's song any less. The Winnipeg-based rapper's new album Moments is full of great tracks, but "Summertime" captures our attention specifically and is remiscent of cross-over rap songs you might hear in the late 1990s.

Wild Black featuring exmiranda - Motions

There is something so alluring about Wild Black's commanding voice over the dance track (that boasts a little 1980s synth flare) on her new song "Motions". An injection of rap verses by exmiranda also adds dimension to the tune.

Yukon Blonde - You Were Mine

A pronounced pounding of keys and upbeat drums help grab your attention in the first minute of Yukon Blonde's brand new ingle "You Were Mine". The magic of the song lies in the changing of tempos and slightly distorted vocals, it keeps your ears thinking: "What's next?"

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