10 New songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - July 24, 2020 edition

Great new music you should be playing during your next dinner party

We hope you're planning to cook up a storm this weekend because it is peak summer, friends; Canadian fruits and vegetables are truly tasting their best. Do you know what goes perfectly with a smattering of amazing local produce? Some great music.

Like usual, we've given our Spotify playlist its weekly refresh and added some awesome new Canadian-made music that is almost as fresh as those Okanagan cherries you might have just picked up at the farmers' market.

From an epic ensemble cover of Joni Mitchell's iconic "Both Sides Now" by alumni of The Blue Jay Sessions to a catchy summer jam by Winnipeg's Myazwe, here are the ten new tunes we are loving.

The Blue Jay Sessions - Both Sides Now

Recorded and produced during the height of the pandemic, "Both Sides Now" features 18 Canadian musical acts including The Dungarees, Nice Horse, Mariya Stokes, Aaron Pollock, Desiree Dorion, Alex Hughes, Ryan Lindsay, Devin Cooper, as well as 2020 CCMA Award-nominated guitar player Ryan Davidson (of Gord Bamford's band). The result is an acoustic track chock full of beautiful harmonies that sound so nice, you might just have to put the song on repeat.

Dawson Gamble - Get Myself Over You

Gamble's distinct vocals will capture your attention within seconds of hitting play on "Get Myself Over You". Why can't all breakup songs sound this good?

Jeremy Drury - Pour Another

Known best as the drummer for The Strumbellas, Jeremy Drury just dropped a two-song EP today and we're especially into "Pour Another". This song could pratically be our summer anthem and, yes, we will have another while we're listening to the song.

JoJo Mason - Chemical

This new release from Vancouver-based country singer JoJo Mason is high energy from the get-go and a ton of fun to listen to. After a few mid-tempo and more heartfelt songs from Mason, "Chemical" is a welcome change to his regular sound.

Life of Kai featuring Myazwe - Alright

The summer jams just keep coming and we are absolulety A-OK with that. Winnipeg's Myazwe's fast and smooth raps sound great on this upbeat track by Life of Kai.

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald - I Love That Sound

Stripped down and thoughtful, Alberta's celebrated singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald's words about love flow effortlessly over strums of guitar.

The Prairie States - Ray Bans

Carrying on with this week's theme of summer jams, Edmonton's Prairie States recently debuted another fun tune that is perfect for a backyard gathering with friends or a road trip.

Scott Helman - Papa

A raw and honest ballad from Helman offers up plenty of emotion. With plenty of lines seeming to speak to family memories and clips of personal voicemails it's near impossible to not get drawn into the singer's world with "Papa".

Shawn Hook - Holding On To You

This brand new release by Canadian pop singer Shawn Hook will have your ears committed as soon as "Holding On To You" hits the first verse. The epitome of catchy, we predict we'll be holding onto this track (on our playlist) for quite awhile.

Swagger Rite - Like That

Toronto rapper Swagger Rite's newest single, "Like That", shows a bit of change in sound for the popular artist. With plenty of melodic verses overtop a fairly ambient backtrack, there's much to love.

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