10 new songs by Canadian artists to add to your kitchen playlist - April 17, 2020 edition

Here are 10 great Canadian-made songs that we're loving this week

Is it just us or are the days just zooming by during this pandemic? Either that, or they are just blurring together. Regardless, we're looking forward to the weekend and relaxing in the backyard or balcony if the weather cooperates.

Whether you're baking sourdough or banana bread or dusting off your barbecue for the first grill of the spring, you should have some background music going too. If you don't have a playlist, we've refreshed our playlist "Eat North's Cooking Playlist" on Spotify, so give that a try.

From a thoughtful rap track by Classified and catchy bedroom pop by Julianna Laine to an epically soulful song by expat Tami Neilson, here are ten new songs we're loving this week.

Alanis Morissette - Smiling

It's been some time since we've heard anything new from this Canadian music icon, aside from "Reasons I Drink", which was released in late 2019 (also a good track). "Smiling" is classic Alanis through-and-through and definitely invokes memories of her 2000s hit "Uninvited". A couple of weeks ago, Morissette also released a dance remix of the current single, which calls for a living room dance party.

Beach Season - Home Alone

This low key bedroom-pop duo from Calgary offer up a song that's got more slow jam swagger than the two singers' appearances may indicate. This song would definitely feel at home on a Justin Bieber album--in a good way.

Chiiild - Back To Life

Montreal-based artist Chiiild's song "Back to Life", featuring Shungudzo, is a chill R&B listen on top of thoughtful messages about social inequality that makes you think while bopping your head along with it.

Classified - Good News

“A few months ago, we planned to release a new track called 'Good News', but put it on hold as this situation started to unfold. Now, it feels like people need to hear something positive," said Classified in a press announcement earlier today. "This is a feel-good track about appreciating the small things amongst all the big world problems going on; it`s about time for some good news.”

We couldn't agree more.

David James - If I Were You

David James is one of the most fun Canadian country artists to follow on social media and we're not just saying that because he's really into cooking and mixology--so much so that he recently launched his own food and drink Instagram account--though it does help! His latest single "If I Were You" is an upbeat love(ish) song about pining over someone who's taken. It's currently our soundtrack to looking at empty retaurant patios and wishing we could be on them with our friends.

Jennah Barry - No Dancer

The calming nature of Nova Scotian singer Jennah Barry's voice is incredible. Her new album Holiday is wonderfully easy to get lost in, so start with its first track, "No Dancer".


Jess Knights - Cover Your Eyes

Part roots, part blues, singer Jess Knights has a velvety tone to her voice that boasts plenty of personality. The brass in her latest single "Cover Your Eyes" enhances the soulful track.

Julianna Laine - Eighteen

Raise your hands if you were a little foolish at 18, but also remember it fondly? That's what Julianna Laine coos about charmingly throughout her new single. "Eighteen" is made even more impressive when one discovers that Laine wrote and co-produced the catchy song in the comfort of her own bedroom. It's Canadian bedroom pop at its best.

Sykamore - Record High

After relocating to Nashville several years ago, Canadian artist Sykamore has taken some time before releasing new music. Her EP California King debuted earlier and shows how much the singer has grown since her last release in 2017. "Record High" has us craving a road trip. I guess we can hit the highway and roll the windows down, albeit solo.

Tami Neilson - You Were Mine

Canadian-born and New Zealand-dwelling, Neilson is a soul singing powerhouse to be reckoned with. She is the kind of artist you become hooked on the second you hear her voice. "You Were Mine", Neilson's lead single from the album Chickaboom!, throws us back to the days of Nina Simone and leaves us wanting more, more, more.

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